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  • 25 dark tales by Shelby Patrick

Shelby Patrick travels the road to Hell and back quite frequently. A bumpy, curved road filled with potholes. She never stops to smell the black roses or to enjoy the finer things in life.

She can be supportive and loyal to those who deserve it, but a demon to others. Her mind is twisted, filled with dark and dreary thoughts. Death has become a healthy obsession to her.

She comes from a good Catholic upbringing, which is why she is so enamored by "the forbidden". Despite her prayers and her good girl reputation, darkness sometimes settles upon her soul. That's when the ENLIGHTENING begins and her creativity pours from her thick skull. Only then can words become art on the pages of her next horrifying tale.

Promises are important to her and she's not likely to ever break one; however, she has seen too many other broken promises and the pain they cause. It's not in her design to let people down. She lives for smiles and the pure enjoyment that her writing brings to others.

"Getting paid for what you do is great, but just doing what you love is even greater," she says. "It's not about the money. Yeah, sure, it's nice to get paid. After all, we need money to eat and pay our bills, right? But I just enjoy letting people roam around in my worlds. There's nothing that compares to the feeling when someone reads something you have written and says, when will your next story be out?"

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